About Us

This website is not a formal organization. We are not at all affiliated with any organization, government or not. In fact, we are just composed of mainly concerned citizens who want to raise the problems of the community to those who can help solve them. We do not simply focus on roadblocks or potholes, we cover a broad variety of subject. We believe that through awareness, we can call for a course of action. Then, such problems won’t persist.

There is a common belief that the hindrance for improvement is the lack of knowledge and awareness. This is what we are hoping to discuss here. By doing this, we hope to make the lives of other people in this community better than ever. After all, it is with the cooperation that a country flourishes so we are hoping to encourage people to help one another through this website.

Does this website call for action from those government officials only? No.

The problems we raise here cannot all just be solved by our government. We need to move too. We need to be conscious of what has been causing the problems in the community so that we cannot anymore add to it – we cannot be problems ourselves. If possible, we can fix them ourselves through our combined efforts. This is important since the stakeholders are ourselves and our children. We need to create a good and peaceful community for them to grow in a safe and thriving environment. We can start by making the initiative to address the existing problems around us.

This website is open for all. All of you can participate no matter where you are in the United States. We’d love to hear your thoughts. For any inquiries, you may check out our Contact Us page to know how you can reach us.