We know that this website raises questions to the general public. We have been receiving many inquiries regarding the services we offer. As such, for a better understanding of many, we have included here the most frequently asked questions by the guests who frequent here. May this serve as your guide in knowing more about us.


Are you being backed by a non-government organization?

We are not affiliated with any government and non-government organization. What we are is simply a platform where people can freely express themselves and raise problems to their community. We do not benefit or earn from them, however. We do not get paid for anything posted here. Everyone is free to post here.


Do you cater to people in the USA alone?

Yes. We do not have yet the capability to reach out to other nations and their government so we focus on our own. We are trying to look for ways to help people from other countries, but that is still a plan for the future.


Do we need to register before we can post here?

While you can read freely everything that is posted here, you need to register first before you can post your own entry. This is how you can receive a notification when there is someone who responds to what you post. You can hide under an alias. But you need to register an email before you can proceed.


Is the registration free?

Yes, it is. Registration is free for all. We won’t even ask for your credit card details because they are not necessary. All you need to do is to have a working email ready so that we can send to you a confirmation link upon registration.


How can I learn about the latest news from this website?

You can subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll bring you the news straight to your emails.