Garage Door Repair Dealing With Dents

Steel and aluminum garage doors are lighter in weight and easy to operate. But unfortunately, they tend to be dented easily. These will weaken the garage door and affect the performance so they should be fixed as soon as possible. Luckily, some dents can be fixed easily through simple DIY techniques but major problems need a quick replacement. Do you want to get more information about garage door, Click here

Why does steel garage door dents so easily?

Some steel garage doors come with insulation features that are costly than others but serve to enhance the energy efficiency of garage door and give protection against being bent or out of shape. As everyone knows the wooden garage door needs a high level of maintenance and the fiberglass garage door looks cheap so the majority of homeowners prefer steel and minimum garage door. They are cost-effective, durable, strong options that require a low level of maintenance. The steel garage door created with 28 to 28 gauge steel will be susceptible to children’s football game, front bumper hit, and any other unhappy accident. 

Does the dented door need to be replaced?   

Garage door repair or replacement is conducted depending on the nature of damages. In some cases, you should replace the entire panel to fix the issue if the dent is large. You should adopt some safety precautions while dealing with a larger problematic area to avoid making the problem worse. Out of shaped panels will affect the opening or closing operations of the garage door. Some garage doors are created with a single panel that can be replaced easily at a fraction of the price of a new garage door.

DIY garage door repair projects

If you are familiar with some DIY techniques to fix problems around your home, you will enjoy a DIY garage door project. If you are hesitating to conduct garage door work, you should call an experienced technician to handle this project. There are several techniques that you can use to fix dents depending on the location, type, or extent of damages. Some dents can be fixed by simply using filler. You should repaint it in order to hide the patchwork. 

Applying physical force is another common technique to remove dents. Place a block of put behind the dented area then tap the block with rubber mallet or hammer. Be attentive as your work will need the necessary amount of force until the dented panel begins to level. Continue the work until the dent is gone.

Another effective method of dent removal is through the cooling and heating process. You can use a hairdryer to warm up the problematic area for about 2 minutes. Place the hair dryer far enough to avoid the overheating which can cause to paint damages or cracking. Once the required portion has been warmed, then you should use a can of compressed air to spray it for several seconds. The blast of cool air should contract quickly which can cause to popping the dents out.