Potholes: The Detrimental Effect to Livelihood

Potholes. No matter how exclusive the city or the community you live in, potholes are something that is inevitable. They appear without announcements and when they do, not only can they be a real eyesore but a headache as well. Especially if the road where there are so many potholes are the only road available for you to reach your destination on a daily basis. But really, what is the extent of the impact of potholes in our daily lives?


Potholes can be a big nuisance. But the inconvenience it brings does not stop there. You may not notice it, but potholes bring about a longer period of travel. If before, you can rush to your destination passing this road in no time, the appearance of potholes can extremely slow you down. There are times when the road is wide enough for you to avoid them, but in case you cannot, you need to adjust your speed so that the pothole won’t make your car jump too high and too strong. Otherwise, the intense quake can make you bump your head and other parts of your body in hard parts of your cause which can result in the development of swelling and bruises. Also, this may break some of the parts of your car which can weigh down on your savings if you still need to have them repaired or worse, replaced. Not to mention, the problem it can bring if your car suddenly stops in the middle of the road after the rough encounter with a pothole.


One of the common causes of road accidents can also be traced to potholes. They can serve as a huge hazard to the drivers. Most of the time, because they try to veer away from potholes, they encounter a head-on collision with other vehicles which oftentimes result to fatalities. This is the reason why this should be addressed immediately particularly when the problem is still starting. That way, it won’t anymore persist to cause a far bigger harm in the future. Like why you should only choose the best high power resistors manufacturers so that you won’t encounter problems in the future.


People fail to notice that the appearance of potholes also has a detrimental effect on the availability of high-quality commodity in their places. Like what we have already mentioned, potholes cause delay when it comes to going to and from your destination. This is not much different from the transportation of goods and commodities from one place to another. The delay can cause some goods, especially if they are perishable, to lose their good quality because of the long travel. Also, if these are fruits and vegetables, the continuous bumps can cause bruising also to the skin which won’t make them appealing to the buyers. As a consequence, if this, they can be haggled at an extremely lower price than what they are worth or they can be left to rot if they are not purchased at a particular period. You may think that this can only affect the merchant but the consumers as well. The lower supply can raise the price which would result in them needing to break the bank.


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