This website gives a lot of help especially to those towns and cities that are often overlooked. With the help of this, problems to the town’s development can already be addressed easily. It makes the people feel closer to those who are in the position to help. In this way, we know that we are not neglected and that there are people who care about the well-being of the dwellers in the community. I specifically love how this brings closer us neighbors who do not even socialize with each other before.



What I love about this website is that it managed to bring to the attention of the neighborhood the persisting problem in the shelter downtown. This shelter has been suffering from the lack of aid for months now. Thus, the people who sought refuge in it are either going hungry or suffering from malnutrition. These are mostly children which made the situation more alarming. Because of this, the whole community helped them. We brought them all the basic necessities they may need such as food, medicine, water, and clothing materials. We also rallied so they can get support from organizations around the area. Now, they are better than ever. There are even children who managed to bag scholarships so their education could be secured in years to come.



Potholes are among the biggest problem in our community. It was left unaddressed for years now. But suddenly, repairs and reconstructions began when the problem was raised through this website. It’s funny how exposure to the public is still needed before people can resort to a course of action. Though I cannot say that I have complains about the sudden improvements because my family is benefitting from them. This makes me appreciate this website the more. I really hope you’d continue with this endeavor.