The Key to Road Improvement – Road Blocks Tweeting Device

Have you ever been experienced the car you are driving falling into a pothole? Nuisance, isn’t it? Many would even say that it was one of the worse experience in their driving life. Been there, done that. Not only once did I experience this same thing on many back roads in different cities of the United States. It can be dreadful since there are times when you would need additional hands just so you can push your cars out of the pothole. Let’s not anymore mention the hassle especially when you are rushing to go somewhere. Admit it, this cannot sometimes be prevented especially when you are on an unfamiliar road.

Potholes are those annoying holes you can usually found on the road. Whether it is a paved road or a dirt road, they acquire these depressions on the road surface. There can be many reasons for this. Sometimes it can be caused by consistent rain in the area that when it accumulates underground, it weakens the composition of the pavement which caused it to suffer from cracks and breaking. It is also possible that because it is regularly used, vehicles can displace the underlying soil material which in turn causes the hole. This can be addressed. However, there are times when these incidents are left unnoticed for long, making them a problem to be dealt with by frequent passers-by in the place.

In Panama, they have an efficient system that calls attention to these potholes. This is called the El Hueco Twitero or The Tweeting Pothole. They pinpoint roads with potholes and install a motion-sensitive device in them that counts the number of drivers whose were victimized by the potholes. These alerts caused by these devices were automatically sent to the account of the Ministry of Public Works. The purpose of this is that people are trying to call for an action to have these roadblocks mended. These had already caused so much hassle and accidents that it cannot be ignored anymore.

Is this a successful campaign? At this point, we can say that it is. This is because the problems on potholes on the road are now being given the attention they deserve. The government of Panama is now looking for ways to mitigate the hassle brought about by the appearance of these holes in the road.

This is what we want to adopt in the United States. We want people to have a hassle-free travel to and from their destinations. We want them to raise awareness and motivate a course of action that would stop these scenarios. We believe that being as developed as we are, such hindrance should be properly addressed. It should not hamper our progress literally and figuratively. Moreover, this should not be a problem that adds to our stress in having a Tempe garage door installation. People should not be scared of getting stuck somewhere as they drive their cars out of their garage doors.